New MyApnea Surveys: Leveraging data to improve lives

New MyApnea Surveys: Leveraging data to improve lives

The MyApnea surveys have been updated to be more responsive to questions patients and researchers are interested in.

Whether you are updating your surveys or completing them for the first time, sharing data is incredibly valuable to the research community. People contribute to society in many ways. Some people give to charity, others volunteer, still others take care of family members in need. When you fill out these anonymous surveys, it should feel the same way. You are making a positive contribution to society that will help others. One day, it may even help you or family members who also have sleep apnea.

The surveys may be completed from your smart phone, tablet or computer. When you complete the surveys, you will be entered into a $50 gift card sweepstakes. Plus, you will receive a personal sleep report that you can print and share with your health care provider.

Thank you for your important contribution!

Please contact us if you have any questions about participating.

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